Loan and Credit works

In general, the rate applied to the work loan is higher than that of other real estate loans, but this credit has many other advantages that can be explained by its characteristics, conditions and terms.

What is a work loan?

What is a work loan?

The financing of works, the extension and the renovation work of a house are the conditions related to the work loan . This credit affects several types of construction or work on real estate. If you are looking for a loan to build your home, you can apply for a credit works. It is advisable to inquire well with Isabel Archer because some work loans do not take into account the external arrangements, and all that is not directly associated with housing. We also offer a montage to renegotiate your loan work.

Documents detailing your project are to be produced to unlock a loan that will be used to pay the cost of the works. To benefit, you can take a personal credit, and only meet the conditions of resources, records and solvency to quickly benefit. The credit works is the best way for individuals to expand, renovate or improve the comfort of their residence. It is also possible to obtain your mortgage with works. To help realize these different projects, Isabel Archer offers a range of credit work in the form of different credits depending on the profile of the borrower.

A favorable credit rate for your loan works

Isabel Archer requires a detailed estimate to avoid any inconvenience. In particular, we check that the professional has taken out a mandatory damage insurance (biennial or ten-year guarantee).

Tax benefits

If it concerns enlargements, improvements, renovations, maintenance of your home, you can benefit from:

  • a tax credit for major equipment expenses,
  • a reduced VAT rate of 7% for real estate work.

The other advantages of a work loan with Isabel Archer

  • Benefit from a preferential loan rate
  • A financing plan within 24 hours *
  • A counselor dedicated to your listening
  • 0 euro bank and brokerage fees
  • Better credit insurance and credit offer than with your bank

What are the advantages of the loan works?

What are the advantages of the loan works?

The credit works is:

  • Compliant and accessible to energy renovation and thermal insulation of buildings
  • Takes many forms, given its flexibility
  • This loan can be combined with a zero interest loan or zero interest eco loan (Eco-PTZ)
  • Within 14 days, you can return to your free agreement
  • It is possible to associate it with a classic home loan

Types of eligible work

It is possible to carry out all types of work. Expansion, development, renovation maintenance, and also residential equipment. Every project is feasible: install, replace, repair, dig, or decorate any type of element in your home. The loan works does not only finance major interventions, it allows to buy capital goods, covers the services in charge of the tasks. The borrower chooses how to spend the money.

The legislation on credit works

The legislation on credit works

The loan works enters the offer of consumer loans and submits to legal orders. The amount of the credit is limited to 70,000 euros and is obtained in particular on the creditworthiness of the borrower. To obtain a loan work , a preliminary analysis is mandatory. This analysis presents the circumstances of the future loan offer: the repayment term, the fixed interest rate, the amount of the installments, the borrowing capacity, and so on.

Borrower profiles

The work loan has the possibility of being subscribed by the owners of a principal residence, or a second home, as well as tenants wishing to develop and maintain their residence. The co-owners can use this type of credit to finance interventions on the common parts of their co-ownership.

What are the documents to provide for a Work Loan?

What are the documents to provide for a Work Loan?

If you are preparing your loan application and want to do business in your main home, the lending agencies need some evidence to know whether or not they can afford loan financing. These documents will allow banks to analyze the potential and risks of granting you a loan.

You must check before sending your request is credible with respect to your repayment capabilities. For a loan work, three types of documents are to be transmitted to obtain it.